Uganda has been identical across the globe for great wildlife conservation effort and for its outstanding safari experience in natural conserved areas, national parks and multiple forest reserves. Looking at rich wildlife Africa countries, Uganda is a home to unique national parks, wildlife species and the wilderness forests that confirm its natural beauty in every trip to Uganda. Travelers come from across the world  to explore the exclusive primate parks, wildlife, mountains, birds, landscape, and culture.

But did you know Uganda is one of the leading countries in Africa for sustainable tourism and it has been well maintained for decades due to conservation? The protection and sustainable use of the country’s natural resources is significant to the government, people and visitors to the country. The Uganda government –Uganda Wildlife Authority and the local community when it comes to conservation of protected areas because Human encroachment on wildlife habitats had become a biggest challenge. By focusing on community empowerment and education initiatives, anti-poaching campaigns especially to communities around national parks and forest reserves.

Conservation Issues

Conservation has greatly reduced poaching of wildlife and environmental degradation in all Uganda national parks ensuring sustainable travel for today and tomorrow hence giving Uganda a chance to celebrate its tourism trend for future benefits. Most conservation efforts in Uganda have largely been focused National park rules and regulations.

Limiting tourist numbers in gorilla tracking parks per day is one of the major rules that have maintained and protected all mountain gorillas in the wilderness jungle forest of Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national Park. However, Uganda tourism and gorilla tracking safaris are a result of great wildlife conservation in Bwindi impenetrable national Park and Mgahinga National Park. Both gorilla parks have trained conservation doctors and rangers that monitor the daily life of mountain gorillas and other forest habitants as well as working hand in hand with the park surrounding communities.

Building Ecolodge, Safari lodges, Campsites that blend with nature.

Challenges to Wildlife Conservation in Uganda