Why Uganda is the Best Destination to See Gorillas in 2022

Uganda Gorilla

For decades now many have visited Africa and Uganda in particular as an obvious choice for gorilla safari experience despite the presence of many other gorilla tracking destinations in the region. Stop wondering  where  to go gorilla trekking in Africa yet Uganda  is a fascinating  country with a lot to see and explore.80% of travelers to Uganda come for gorilla tracking tours, something you should  will also do and explore the stunning forests of Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga National Park. After gorilla tracking other travel plans will develop and you will enjoy every moment of your stay. If you Uganda isn’t on your rider, I believe it will be after getting a clue on what will make you visit the Pearl of Africa in 2018.

The live Version of Mountain Gorillas

Tracking gorillas in Uganda is reality and seeing them is a must. No trip to Uganda would be complete without a visit to spectacular Bwindi national park ,a home  to pretty primates you could hope to see in the thick wild forest on a clear day  in company of ranger guides and other trackers of the day.Bwindi forest national park close to Mgahinga national park , volcanoes, and virunga national all mountain gorilla parks offers the finest gorilla tracking safari experience second to none year round. Its really a live version watching the silverback and other gorillas chill and relax in the jungle as you witness their movements and nature.

Be prepared to explore the wild forest happily watching other primates, birds, reptiles, butterflies before meeting the mountain gorillas. After the trek a tracking certificate is given to every tracker on addition to the life time memories you carry home that never fade. Whether you are looking for a top safari gorilla lodge or budget friendly campsite, Bwindi forest is a place for everything.

Stable Gorilla Permit Prices

If you planning to book a gorilla safari in Africa, I suggest you reserve you gorilla permit in Uganda where gorilla permit prices are stable until 2019. Travelers are free to book Uganda gorilla safari tours ahead without any worry unlike other mountain gorilla safari destinations in Africa. The Uganda wildlife authority has plans of revising park rates in 2019 a good time allowance for travelers planning to track gorillas in 1-2 years time. I think this makes Uganda the best no Gorilla tour price changes once quoted.

Gorilla Permit Availability

Being a home to two gorilla tracking parks-Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national park, Uganda has many habituated gorilla families hence having bigger chances for gorilla permit availability due to high demand of gorilla tourism in the region. When Bwindi forest is fully booked atleast one can’t fail to find permit availability in Mgahinga national park .Alternatively, travelers visit other country attractions and track gorillas on the last days since the country has too much to keep visitors busy and happy. However, there are minimal chances of not getting permits if you book your gorilla tour in advance.

The Name of a Country “Uganda”

Believe me you will be excited by the magical name of the country “Uganda” though many know it as the “Pearl of Africa”. Uganda is a vibrant country full of history, life and amazing attractions that whoever chooses to discover its beauty smiles each day either in the city or remote areas. You wake up to the beautiful sounds of birds, breakfast in warmth of the sunrise, all day long in comfortable weather and retiring with incredible memories of the day. What every your travel interest could be Uganda has it all to satisfy your needs and desires.

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