Wonderful Vacation in Uganda Africa

We had a wonderful vacation

My husband and I took the most incredible vacation that we have never been on! We knew that it was going to be fantastic but we had no idea just how amazing it would be. We decided to take Uganda Safaris. We went on a nine days safari which we booked with African Jungle Adventures Ltd. Indeed, the company prepared a wonderful trip. We took so many photos, it is going to take me forever to go through them all and put the best ones online. I have seen mountain gorillas and chimpanzees in the zoo before but there is nothing quite like encountering them in their natural habitat. I also thought that I knew a lot about birds but we saw types that I had never heard of before. I took a lot of notes and I plan to put all of the information on our family website. These were nine of the best days in my life. I promise to go back next year with the same company.

I Wanted a Lifetime Holiday

When my husband and I were married, we never vacationed. No matter how many times I asked to visit another country or even another state, he didn’t want to go, and I never wanted to travel alone. We divorced after 12 years of marriage, and to celebrate my freedom, I booked a plane ticket to Africa. I decided to go on Uganda tours and I expected this trip to be the most exciting one in my life — not to mention, the vacation of a lifetime. I booked the longest safari with African Jungle Adventures Ltd which had 15 days package I wanted. The package included Gorilla tracking, Chimpanzee trekking, Launch cruise on Murchison falls among other activities. Indeed, I explored Uganda. It was amazing to see a part of Africa that few get to experience, and it was unbelievable how close we got to the wildlife. I met other people on the tour who were also traveling alone, so we made new friendship and never felt lonely.

I had a Great Vacation in Uganda

Are you looking for a great vacation? Try a Uganda Safari, very stimulating and a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone. Uganda is known for having almost half of the world’s Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitant. Parks like Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga protects the great mountain Gorillas alongside other primates. Bird watching, chimpanzee treks, and among other type of treks available. The fauna, climate and wildlife are breathtaking no matter when you visit Uganda. Before gorilla on a budget or luxury gorilla safari in Rwanda or Uganda, , there are several things you will need to keep in mind. You are watching wild animals. Anything can happen. Make sure you book with a reliable company having a reputable guide so that you are completely safe. Look over all the different companies that offer safaris and pick the one that is right for you. No matter which one you pick, you are sure to have the time of your life.

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