Why Self Drive is the Best Option for Uganda Road Trip

Self Drive in Bwindi

With Covid-19 pandemic still proving to be the main challenge to the tourism sector, many people are left wondering how they can get to their dream destination on Uganda safari. But here is good news for you. Traveling during covid-19 is now possible with self-drive car rentals. Self-drive has proven to be the best alternative travelers can get to their destination to spend their holiday. Are you planning to go for self-drive safari in Uganda or game viewing? We have everyone covered with our fleet of self-drive car rentals which are available at affordable prices.

Why choose self-drive cars over other rental options

Self-drive cars make it easier to observe social distance

Renting a self-drive car for your travel plans during Covid-19 is pretty a good choice one can make. Unlike other means of transportation, it is easier to observe social distancing from each other.

You travel in sanitized vehicle

Before you set off, we ensure your self-drive car is sanitized. This makes it a safer option for you to get around Uganda. Most parts of the car are disinfected including steering wheel, keys, door handles, seats and many others once the car is return and prior handing it over to another customer. For public means, people tend to be reluctant about such measures which puts travelers at higher risk.

Unlimited mileage

The interesting part of self-drive tours is that visitors enjoy unlimited mileage on a road trip. You pay for the rental car and your movement isn’t limited. Your exploration in the agreed destination all depends on you. A traveler has his or her own travel plan and he or she can engage in activities not necessarily those that have been listed in the itinerary by the service provider.

Benefit from the doorstep car delivery services

Most car hire companies in Uganda offer doorstep car delivery services which you stand to enjoy on self-drive tour. The self-drive car can be brought to your hotel or other area as early as possible as agreed with your car rental dealer. This is not a case with public means where you have to travel up to particular terminals or stand along the road sides waiting.

Keyless entry system

With covid-19 at hand, it is hard to avoid touching surfaces. However, most car rental companies now apply keyless entry features to reduce the rate in which customers keep touching keys.

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