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All parts of the court are important because they make the court work well and safely. We can say it is only the work of judges. The judges also helped by some experts and one of them is clerk of courts. As we know if clerk only works behind the court and sometimes not visible to others. People can say if their role is not important in the court but we can not imagine if there is no clerk in the court. Maybe, the judges use their logic to decide punishment because they do not have case files as references. It is dangerous because the credibility of judges would be questioned and they can not get the trust of people at all. Even though the duty of clerk only for help, we can rule them for granted. If we want to know how their work, we can see them when the judicial process is underway. They will not be seen immediately but we can know they work from the result of given by the judge.

Besides the judges will not be trusted by people, the administrative proceedings will be bad if the clerk does not exist and people prefer to solve their problem with their own way. One of the most important tasks of the clerk makes a copy of decision-based on the law applicable. If they are wrong to write the decision on the court, they will be sanctioned and will receive punishment from the state because it has been violated by the law and ethics as clerks. All of their tasks are highly risky and not easy. Maybe, people will not be ready if they should be clerks. Therefore, if you want to apply your case to the court, you can ask the clerk of courts because they may help you to complete your need.