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In order to maximize the optimization, you need to know about all the things that happen on your website. What kind of numbers that have appeared, are the numbers are increasing or decreasing due to the SEO performance. Without knowing the relevant numbers, we will not know about the things that need to be improved or the ones that don’t need to be improved at all. The SEO Milwaukee will like to share some info with you on how to evaluate the SEO performance. By following this guide you can always get the maximum SEO performance.

The things that you need to know are as follows :

Evaluating the SEO cannot be done if you haven’t understood these 3 things :

1. On-page SEO : The web page optimization

2. Off-page SEO : Building the link and popularity

3. The principle of content marketing in SEO

After that you’re ready to take the first step :

1. Integrate the search console with Google Analytics

Even though there are many people who have said that booth of this tool isn’t mandatory, for some of the serious SEO practitioners, both of those tools are essential. You need to install the Google Analytics. After it has been installed, get into the search console and add your website. Both of these tools required several days after they have been installed due to they’re just starting to gathering the data.

2. Do the crawling with the supportive tools

Crawling is a process that being done by the search engine in order to explore the website pages while also gathering the information. We will imitate this process. The purpose of this method is to know the big picture of your website. Whether there is any error, broken link, internal duplicate, and the empty meta tag.

3. The advanced keyword research

The things that you need to use for the keyword research are as follows:

1. Title

2. Meta description

3. Content

If you’re going to make the search engine to becomes your main traffic source, do the advanced keyword research. If you’re following this guide from the beginning until the end, you will find the way to evaluate the keyword performance.