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For you who own the hotel business to know more about ASI FRONTDESK that offers hardware and software in the interface. hotel management software is the newest ASI PMS FRONTDESK Version 6.0 which has a relationship with several hardware interfaces such as Driver license and Passport Scanner. These scanning devices can be used to scan the data the United States, Canada, Mexico and the rest 45 of International SIM card and state ID automatically. This device hardware has become very popular among hotel operators because it saves a lot of time for check-in process and accuracy of data collection, so there is no mistake in typing.

A complete photocopy image SIM / ID stored safely for later use when there are privileges received by customers. It is very useful to prevent the use of credit cards with unexpected costs. More importantly, the use of these devices greatly saves time because it automatically fills all registration information in the form of check-in. This device has extracted all the SIM in 50 countries internationally accepted and automatically fill in the registration form with Name, City, State, ZIP code and expiration date ID.