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In order to catch the eels whether in the river, canal, and sea, it has its own trick. It’s the combination of hard and easy to catch the eels. The hard part is when you still don’t know yet about the technique, while the easy part is if you have understood the eel’s way of life. Interested to take the best fishing trip in the entire middle east? Try the deep sea fishing in dubai.

That way, it would be easier for us to prepare the tools and the kinds of bait to catch the eel. That’s why the knowledge is important before you’re going to fish unique catches just like the eels. It’s should be done in order to catch the eel correctly and get the best possible result. Before you’re fishing the wild eel, it’s a good thing to know the characteristic of an eel.

Eel is a carnivore animal and prefers the fresh and tasty meal. In the wild, there is so much kind of things that could be its prey, such as the worm, tadpole, cricket, bugs, and any kind of animals as long as it’s easy for the eel to swallow.

After we’ve learned about its prey in the wilderness, the next step is to choose the bait to catch this slippery animal. The bait that you can use is the worm, slugs or snails, silk worm, and the freshwater crab. After the bait has been prepared, it’s time to determine the size of the eel that we want to catch. If it’s the big one, choose the big hook and matched it with the size of the size of its hole.

The recommended trick is that you should analyze the size of the hole where the eel resides. The larger the hole, the bigger the hook that you should use. It’s because of the smaller hook won’t be able to hold the strength of the big one, while the bigger one would be too big for the small eel to bite.