Burger King Corporation is a series of international fast food establishments that sell burgers, fries, and soft drinks. In addition, they also manage about 200 restaurants in Australia under the name Hungry Jack’s. As with several other restaurants, Burger King also have Reviews their own Burger King Secret Menu and you can see the list on our website.

The first Burger King restaurant called Insta Burger King and was opened in 1954 in Miami, Florida, United States by James McLamore and David Edgerton, both of whom are alumni of the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. In the past, before joining Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington had spent some length of time for working in the fast food restaurant’s.

For those loyal customers burger king would be familiar with the whooper. The menu is typical Burger King, Whopper, now comes with a new flavor, the Triple Cheese Whopper burger with cheese or three layers. Whopper itself is a typical product of Burger King which has existed since 1957. The menu is favored burger fans around the world, because it feels special. Soft bread combined with a beef patty that in-grill, fresh lettuce, pickles, and mayonnaise to make it taste so delicious.

If the Whopper cheese usually comes with only one type of cheese, Triple Cheese Whopper comes with three different types of cheese, the American Cheese, Swiss Cheese, and Cheese Sauce soft.

Based on its name Burger King gives you the option menu burger you can get in addition to other fast food restaurants. One of the unique and also the advantages of the menus served at Burger King are variants adapted to the tongue of the outlet was set in place. In Indonesia, for example, there is even a special menu that was adopted from the original menu Indonesia, Rendang Whooper.

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