As you might have known that the electricity at your home can, indeed, be dangerous. It can turn out to be the opposite of providing you with a way to help ease your leave and bring dangerous not to yourself but also your families and friend if you use it recklessly without paying enough attention to each of its aspects. In order to help you increase your awareness about the dangerous which the electricity can cause to your place, below will be a discussion on some of the dangerous. To get more information about electricity, such as how to reduce the energy use and lower your energy bills, you can visit

Often we have heard that the fire which happened to a house was triggered by the electricity. Many people lost their lives as a result of getting a contact with an electric shock. The main problem in the study of electricity is not visible and cannot be touched. In fact, we do not even want to touch it. We can know whether or not the electricity is on when the electronic appliances can be turned on. There are at least three dangers caused by electricity and one of them is the electrical shock.

Shock or electric shock will be felt if the electric current through the body. Typically the current will begin to be felt if the current flowing over 5 mA. In a small current, the current flow will only result in tingling or loss of ability to control the hand. At large currents, the electric current can burn the skin and the flesh. The most dangerous are if the current flowing through the heart or brain. It should be noted that the harm is the flow of electric current, not voltage electricity. Despite the high voltage, cannot harm as long as the current is very small.

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